About Us

At Shibumi, our Princeton, NJ farm, we approach growing mushrooms the way cheesemakers and wine makers create their product.  It’s all about developing a relationship with the food and knowing how to fine tune its environment to reveal its flavors. It’s about being completely in harmony with the food’s inner processes.

We have collected samples from all over the world which we have used to create our own unique strains of mushrooms with a focus on underutilized species that are both delicious, and have significant health benefits.  Currently, we have developed proprietary cultivars of more than twenty five different species of fungi, and the list is ever growing. Rotating the species available throughout the year we plan to offer a wide variety of textures and flavors at any given time.

Our mushrooms are grown on “artificial logs” which we produce from various combinations of saw dust, wood chips, grain straw, spent coffee grounds, rice or wheat bran, organic grain, and natural mineral supplements. There are absolutely no animal products used in production of our mushrooms, and no pesticides.  To the extent possible, we source our raw materials locally.

We cultivate primarily indoors in specially designed controlled environment fruiting chambers where we can provide the ideal conditions necessary to grow the highest quality mushrooms. These grow rooms are tightly sealed with only highly filtered, purified air and water allowed in.

We believe in eating together in community, and from the community. We hope that you will make time to experience the authentic depth of flavor of locally grown shibumi mushrooms.

Alan Kaufman and Julie Horigan